A tool for business managers,
influencers, events organizers
and all resellers.

Few accounts possible

Dayzee offers a complete tool to create and manage your free and paid activities but especially to keep your subscribers informed of everything that happens on your profile.

Then you can have an additional profile for your business on the same account and you can give access to different managers for the management of the activities and events of this business profile.

Customize your event

Event creator, font, design, share… No more hassles with web designers for your flyers. With Dayzee you create your events and
You have access to numerous templates and fonts to personalize your publishing but also filters and especially the sharing with all other social networks, facebook, twiter, instagram, whatsapp …

Keep track your posts  

who saves it, who likes, who buys.A publications manager records the statistics for each publication. Who likes, who is interested (saved it into his profile) who purchased a ticket and who has participated to the event 

Online ticketing

ticket sale and bar code creationA comprehensive ticketing tool. Be it for free or paying, Dayzee provides for tickets issuing with bar code, to sell them through the app but also the ticket scan at the arrival and to confirm presence by geolocation.


More informations about our ticketing service

Boost up your reviews  

Get a maximum of reviews, recommendations and live videos thanks to reward programs that you propose on each paid publications. You define the reward amount that you give back to your participant who gives his feed back with a live video. Usually 5 to 10 pct of the ticket price.

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