Go out, give your feedback, Earn money ! 

The first ticketing service that allows organizers
to reward opinions of theirs participants


They trust us 

Earn money while participating to your activities !


” 90 per cent of consumers give more credit to users recommendations than any other advertising campaign”  according to Nielsen surveys.

We reinvent the word of mouth by rewarding our App users to give their feed back and earn cash tokens that they can use for purchases.

This in turn leads the organizers to offer improved quality services, more competitive pricing and more exciting rewards.

How it works?

Explore your news feed and et get involved in a  rewarded activity , the reward amount is defined by the organizer of the activity.
Give your opinion ,join the rewards programs by mentionning your activity when on site and adding a live video.

Earn your reward in TIME , you can use to buy more tickets on the app or to change in currency.

The Ticketing service Dayzee

Dayzee social calendar becomes a ticketing service that allows organizers to reward feedbacks of their participants.

Now you can buy tickets for your favorites events and activities directly in the App.
You can also become yourself an organizer and use the App to sell tickets to your subscribers or other customers.


The reward in token TIME

Give your advice on the activity, whether positive or negative, and get the token TIME rewards announced by the organizer. 

The token TIME is the first stable currency with a fixed value in cash and whose aim is to develop the industry of social activities and events by motivating the participants to do more real life activities and getting rewarded for their live opinions and recommendations.



You have the opportunity to discover better quality activities, recommended by people that you follow and you get an extra purchase power in your activity budget.


You get more recommendations, more of happy customers and an increased business turnover.

A shared calendar  

The word Social Calendar was used by Dayzee for the first time at the WebSummit conference in Ireland by the end of 2015. On the social network interface, the Dayzee app offers all features of a calendar and much more. More than a classic ticketing app, Dayzee is above all a revolution allowing to better organize your life and save time.

Your profile becomes your calendar. You follow accounts matching your interests, such as museums, football teams, artists or your family and friends, and discover all the related activities and events that you can access.

More information about the social calendar


What you will find 

With Dayzee you are able to share your activities with your friends !

Ticketing manager

Sell ​​everything you want. Just define the amount of the ticket and the amount of the reward.

Online ticketing

Buy directly on Dayzee the tickets of your favorite activities.


Manage your expenses and rewards with your digital wallet.

Synchronized calendar

Synchronize with google cal, outook, meetup, evernote, eventbrite, facebook event.

Following system

Follow accounts of your family, friends and all your interests.


Alarms, reminders, notes, all features from a classic calendar.

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